Blockchain Development & Services, Smart Contract Development, Hyperledger, Private blockchain, Supply Chain Blockchain, dApps are transforming transactions in market segments subject to high regulation.


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Innate [ iˈnāt ]


inherent within the essential character of something

in8bc is a blockchain and distributed ledger technology company. We build applications for regulation-intensive industries where operations are dependent upon fast, efficient, and visible verification of critical resources. 


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in8bc creates applications for identity solutions on blockchains.


The Future is Now

Not so long ago, we imagined computers, small enough to fit in our homes.

Later, we learned of the world wide web and that it was possible to send messages to each other and conduct transactions electronically, but these advances still depend upon trusted intermediaries.

Now, Blockchain enables entities to seamlessly establish trust and transparency at scale, eliminate intermediaries, and represents a profound transformation in peer-to-peer transactional exchanges.


Talk to us about developing a pilot program that proves the power of this technology. We are proactively leading rather than reactively following.